About Us

We are solutions-focused and we want to educate and coach our clients about how to be better business owners.

Nick Pasquarosa is bookkeeper360's CEO and founder

Founding Story

Bookkeeper360 was founded by technology-lover, Nick Pasquarosa in 2012. Nick had a goal to make businesses and their owners smarter. Bookkeeper360 partnered with Xero to deliver a 100% cloud based bookkeeping and business solutions firm dedicated to innovating the way small businesses maintain their accounting and grow their business. 

About Us

We are Xero certified bookkeeping and accounting specialists staffed with a dedicated team of payroll and tax experts.

As a value-based firm we strive to educate and coach our clients on how to be better business owners while being solutions-oriented. 

Bookkeeper360 has been at the forefront of the culture change in the United States to encourage and enable businesses to be more mobile. 

we are a platinum xero partner

Xero Platinum Partner

As a Xero Platinum partner, Bookkeeper360 has a full-time staff of certified Xero bookkeepers, tax preparers, sales, and relationship specialists.

sales force crm is a cloud based software we offer services with

Powered by Salesforce

Our company is built on Salesforce.com. We have totally automated our fulfillment and operations and maintain a complete audit trail of our work. We can tell you who, what, where, when and how the work has been performed.

Nick Pasquarosa is bookkeeper360's CEO and founder

“I founded Bookkeeper360 because I realized there is a limitless number of technological innovations at one’s fingertips to make processes simpler. By combining the best technology available with the greatest minds to implement it, Bookkeeper360 creates smarter and more efficient business owners.”

– Nick Pasquarosa, Founder & CEO

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