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DECEMBER 8, 2015

Hubdoc is an automated, central hub for all of your financial documents and their data.  Hubdoc seamlessly connects and syncs with Xero, providing you with the ability to organize and take control of your business’s finances.

One of the greatest features that Hubdoc offers is the ability to configure accounts.  These accounts may be different banks, credit cards, utilities, and web services. Once an account is added, Hubdoc will automatically begin fetching and downloading all available statements, check images, and receipts that are available.  While fetching these statements, Hubdoc will also automatically organize each statement based on the available information, such as account and month.

Learn More About Bookkeeper360 the Hubdoc Specialist

Hubdoc has a great mobile app that is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.  The mobile app comes in handy when you want to keep receipts organized.  By snapping a picture of the receipt using the Hubdoc app, the receipt will be read by Hubdoc’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.  This technology will detect the vendor, amount and date on the receipt.  If utilizing rules, Hubdoc will automatically code and push the receipt or bill into Xero based on the rule to auto-match with the bank feed.  One of the greatest perks of managing receipts/bills through Hubdoc is that the source document (image of the receipt) is attached to the Xero transaction for reference.

Hubdoc is a great tool that any business can implement to take greater control of their document management and finances.

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